About Us


Was founded in 2009 with years of experience in the fashion industry. The company found the market needed quality, sustainable and friendly fashion. We believe that only careful fabric consideration and fashion forward designs combined with passion can produce quality clothes for long lasting wear. We ensure that every aspect of our clothing is sustainable and ethical to allows us to give a quality brand.

We strive to offer our customers quality at affordable pricing. Our brand has grown in strength over the past few years to become well known in the sustainable and ethical fashion. Completely different from the other fast fashion brands, we are trying to change the way that people think about fashion. We aim to create a stylish,sustainable and friendly fashion that never have to sacrifice or compromise on quality or style when it comes to clothing. We design and hand mixed our own textile in our design studio. We want to show people about the importance of using quality fabrics, design, focusing on the cut, quality and style above all else.

We focus our attention on delivering consistent, great quality pieces for our customers. With our presence In Australia, we are confident TheDressBar will continue to progress to bring high fashion and deliver quality designs to people in the years to come.